Minimal RH-based install

Pls, refer

The most important is yum groupinstall Core

 Package                   Arch     Version                 Repository     Size
 Deployment_Guide-en-US    noarch   5.2-11                  sl-base       3.5 M
 SysVinit                  i386     2.86-15.el5             sl-base       113 k
 authconfig                i386     5.3.21-6.el5            sl-base       454 k
 basesystem                noarch   8.0-5.1.1               sl-base       2.8 k
 bash                      i386     3.2-24.el5              sl-base       1.8 M
 coreutils                 i386     5.97-23.el5_4.2         sl-base       3.6 M
 cpio                      i386     2.6-23.el5_4.1          sl-base       122 k
 e2fsprogs                 i386     1.39-23.el5             sl-base       961 k
 ed                        i386     0.2-39.el5_2            sl-base        45 k
 file                      i386     4.17-15.el5_3.1         sl-base       316 k
 filesystem                i386     2.4.0-3.el5             sl-base       1.0 M
 glibc                     i686     2.5-49.el5_5.7          sl-security   5.3 M
 gnu-efi                   i386     3.0c-1.1                sl-base       100 k
 grub                      i386     0.97-13.5               sl-base       486 k
 hdparm                    i386     6.6-2                   sl-base        45 k
 hmaccalc                  i386     0.9.6-3.el5             sl-base        21 k
 initscripts               i386     8.45.30-2.el5           sl-base       1.6 M
 iproute                   i386     2.6.18-11.el5           sl-base       812 k
 iputils                   i386     20020927-46.el5         sl-base       125 k
 kbd                       i386     1.12-21.el5             sl-base       1.3 M
 kudzu                     i386           sl-base       223 k
 libgcc                    i386     4.1.2-48.el5            sl-base        95 k
 libhugetlbfs              i386     1.3-7.el5               sl-base        42 k
 libtermcap                i386     2.0.8-46.1              sl-base        14 k
 mkinitrd                  i386     sl-base       467 k
 passwd                    i386     0.73-1                  sl-base        20 k
 policycoreutils           i386     1.33.12-14.8.el5        sl-base       619 k
 prelink                   i386     0.4.0-2.el5             sl-base       1.0 M
 procps                    i386     3.2.7-16.el5            sl-base       211 k
 readline                  i386     5.1-3.el5               sl-base       223 k
 redhat-logos              noarch   4.9.16-1.SL.6           sl-base        32 M
 rootfiles                 noarch   8.1-1.1.1               sl-base       4.7 k
 rpm                       i386      sl-security   1.2 M
 selinux-policy-targeted   noarch   2.4.6-279.el5_5.2       sl-security   1.2 M
 setools                   i386     3.0-3.el5               sl-base       1.1 M
 setserial                 i386     2.17-19.2.2             sl-base        22 k
 setup                     noarch   2.5.58-7.el5            sl-base       125 k
 shadow-utils              i386     2:4.0.17-15.el5         sl-base       1.0 M
 sl-release                i386     5.5-1                   sl-base        46 k
 sl-release-notes          noarch   5.5-1                   sl-base       835 k
 sysfsutils                i386     2.0.0-6                 sl-base        38 k
 sysklogd                  i386     1.4.1-46.el5            sl-base        74 k
 termcap                   noarch   1:5.5-1.20060701.1      sl-base       266 k
 udftools                  i386     1.0.0b3-0.1.el5         sl-base        83 k
 util-linux                i386     2.13-0.52.el5_4.1       sl-base       1.8 M
 vim-minimal               i386     2:7.0.109-6.el5         sl-base       310 k
Installing for dependencies:
 MAKEDEV                   i386     3.23-1.2                sl-base       135 k
 audit-libs                i386     1.7.17-3.el5            sl-base        78 k
 audit-libs-python         i386     1.7.17-3.el5            sl-base        79 k
 binutils                  i386      sl-base       3.0 M
 bzip2-libs                i386     1.0.3-6.el5_5           sl-security    37 k
 checkpolicy               i386     1.33.1-6.el5            sl-base       251 k
 chkconfig                 i386          sl-base       157 k
 cracklib                  i386     2.8.9-3.3               sl-base        58 k
 cracklib-dicts            i386     2.8.9-3.3               sl-base       3.3 M
 crontabs                  noarch   1.10-8                  sl-base       5.1 k
 cryptsetup-luks           i386     1.0.3-5.el5             sl-base       624 k
 cyrus-sasl-lib            i386     2.1.22-5.el5_4.3        sl-base       127 k
 db4                       i386     4.3.29-10.el5           sl-base       909 k
 dbus                      i386     1.1.2-14.el5            sl-base       235 k
 dbus-glib                 i386     0.73-10.el5_5           sl-security   160 k
 dbus-libs                 i386     1.1.2-14.el5            sl-base       123 k
 desktop-file-utils        i386     0.10-7                  sl-base        59 k
 device-mapper             i386     1.02.39-1.el5_5.2       sl-security   724 k
 device-mapper-event       i386     1.02.39-1.el5_5.2       sl-security    20 k
 device-mapper-multipath   i386     0.4.7-34.el5_5.1        sl-base       2.8 M
 diffutils                 i386     2.8.1-15.2.3.el5        sl-base       210 k
 dmidecode                 i386     1:2.10-3.el5            sl-base        74 k
 dmraid                    i386     1.0.0.rc13-63.el5       sl-base       725 k
 dmraid-events             i386     1.0.0.rc13-63.el5       sl-base        23 k
 e2fsprogs-libs            i386     1.39-23.el5             sl-base       118 k
 elfutils-libelf           i386     0.137-3.el5             sl-base        58 k
 ethtool                   i386     6-4.el5                 sl-base        63 k
 expat                     i386     1.95.8-8.3.el5_4.2      sl-base        77 k
 findutils                 i386     1:4.2.27-6.el5          sl-base       294 k
 gawk                      i386     3.1.5-14.el5            sl-base       1.7 M
 gdbm                      i386     1.8.0-26.2.1            sl-base        27 k
 glib2                     i386     2.12.3-4.el5_3.1        sl-base       674 k
 glibc-common              i386     2.5-49.el5_5.7          sl-security    16 M
 grep                      i386     2.5.1-55.el5            sl-base       175 k
 gzip                      i386     1.3.5-11.el5_4.1        sl-base       101 k
 hal                       i386          sl-security   389 k
 htmlview                  noarch   4.0.0-2.el5             sl-base       7.9 k
 hwdata                    noarch   0.213.18-1.el5.1        sl-base       380 k
 info                      i386     4.8-14.el5              sl-base       171 k
 keyutils-libs             i386     1.2-1.el5               sl-base        17 k
 kpartx                    i386     0.4.7-34.el5_5.1        sl-base       412 k
 krb5-libs                 i386     1.6.1-36.el5_5.6        sl-security   663 k
 less                      i386     436-2.el5               sl-base       105 k
 libacl                    i386     2.2.39-6.el5            sl-base        19 k
 libattr                   i386     2.4.32-1.1              sl-base        12 k
 libcap                    i386     1.10-26                 sl-base        22 k
 libgcrypt                 i386     1.4.4-5.el5             sl-base       250 k
 libgpg-error              i386     1.4-2                   sl-base        60 k
 libselinux                i386     1.33.4-5.5.el5          sl-base        76 k
 libselinux-python         i386     1.33.4-5.5.el5          sl-base        72 k
 libselinux-utils          i386     1.33.4-5.5.el5          sl-base        55 k
 libsemanage               i386     1.9.1-4.4.el5           sl-base       137 k
 libsepol                  i386     1.15.2-3.el5            sl-base       128 k
 libstdc++                 i386     4.1.2-48.el5            sl-base       362 k
 libsysfs                  i386     2.0.0-6                 sl-base        46 k
 libusb                    i386     0.1.12-5.1              sl-base        27 k
 libuser                   i386     0.54.7-2.1.el5_4.1      sl-base       437 k
 libvolume_id              i386     095-14.21.el5           sl-base        40 k
 libxml2                   i386     2.6.26-          sl-base       795 k
 logrotate                 i386     3.7.4-9                 sl-base        39 k
 lvm2                      i386     2.02.56-8.el5_5.6       sl-security   2.5 M
 mcstrans                  i386     0.2.11-3.el5            sl-base        17 k
 mingetty                  i386     1.07-5.2.2              sl-base        19 k
 mktemp                    i386     3:1.5-23.2.2            sl-base        14 k
 module-init-tools         i386     3.3-0.pre3.1.60.el5     sl-base       420 k
 nash                      i386     sl-base       1.1 M
 ncurses                   i386     5.5-24.20060715         sl-base       1.1 M
 net-tools                 i386     1.60-81.el5             sl-base       360 k
 newt                      i386     0.52.2-15.el5           sl-base       111 k
 nspr                      i386     4.8.6-1.el5             sl-security   120 k
 nss                       i386     3.12.8-1.el5            sl-security   1.1 M
 openldap                  i386     2.3.43-12.el5_5.1       sl-security   295 k
 openssl                   i686     0.9.8e-12.el5_5.7       sl-security   1.4 M
 pam                       i386      sl-security   980 k
 pciutils                  i386     2.2.3-8.el5             sl-base        83 k
 pcre                      i386     6.6-2.el5_1.7           sl-base       112 k
 pm-utils                  i386     0.99.3-10.el5           sl-security    67 k
 popt                      i386     sl-security    74 k
 psmisc                    i386     22.2-7                  sl-base        61 k
 python                    i386     2.4.3-27.el5            sl-base       5.9 M
 redhat-menus              noarch   6.7.8-3.el5             sl-base       203 k
 rpm-libs                  i386      sl-security   928 k
 sed                       i386     4.1.5-5.fc6             sl-base       175 k
 selinux-policy            noarch   2.4.6-279.el5_5.2       sl-security   406 k
 sgpio                     i386     1.2.0_10-2.el5          sl-base        11 k
 slang                     i386     2.0.6-4.el5             sl-base       321 k
 sqlite                    i386     3.3.6-5                 sl-base       213 k
 tar                       i386     2:1.15.1-30.el5         sl-base       747 k
 tcl                       i386     8.4.13-4.el5            sl-base       956 k
 tzdata                    i386     2010o-1.el5             sl-security   796 k
 udev                      i386     095-14.21.el5           sl-base       2.3 M
 usermode                  i386     1.88-3.el5.2            sl-base       155 k
 which                     i386     2.16-7                  sl-base        23 k
 zlib                      i386     1.2.3-3                 sl-base        50 k

BTW, I use Scientific Linux, powered by Fermilab, CERN, and many other Labs

Special case for me: yum –installroot=/nano-base/ install SysVinit basesystem bash coreutils cpio e2fsprog file filesystem glibc gnu-efi grub hdparam hmaccalc initscripts iproute iputils kbd kudzu libhugetlbfs libgcc procps passwd redhat-logos rootfiles sysfsutils setserial shadow-utils sysfsutils sysklogd util-linux  –disablerepo=jpackage-generic-nonfree ?

Centos Base Image



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